Minions are my Vogon Poetry


I honestly, seriously, don’t understand the appeal of the Minions. I hated them from the second or third appearance in the original Despicable Me movie.

This is the first time for me that I really don’t like animated characters. Even the loudest and in-your-face characters of DreamWorks usually make me chuckle. Look at the Madagascar series. The penguins are awesome, King Julian is funny, even the ADHD lion is ok. From the Ice Age series, Sid is great. The squirrel I don’t have problems with. From the Shrek series, donkey is great. The gingerbread man is awesome. And so on.

So it clearly isn’t the fact that characters can be loud and over-the-top that makes me loath the little buggers.

Somehow, in the bright shiny disk that is my enjoyment of animated characters, there is a tiny dark, blackened corner and the minions hit it straight on. And when they hit that sore spot, I want to vomit all over the screen. Every time they come on screen I hope that something funny will happen, and their little sketch starts out well and then it turns annoying and goes on for too long and I start hemorrhaging.

vogon poetry

It’s even worse when they start singing a song. Some animator forced them into a row and forced them to bob up and down. Hurray, your computer can do things. And then they start humming a melody that you know and the yellow buggers go through the motions and blurt the sounds the way you predict that they will. There’s nothing new or interesting about it, and it goes on forever.

And the worst thing is that I am seemingly the only one who feels this way about it. Stop making me feel crazy and old!

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2 Responses to Minions are my Vogon Poetry

  1. ressivocmer says:

    You sound like you could use a banana.

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