The Liebster Award!


So Liam from the Motion Picture Blog nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thank you Liam! I was so busy with being unemployed and looking for work lately that I totally forgot about this, but now I finally remember and am ready to give it a go. For those of you who don’t know, the Liebster Award is an online chain to help promote other bloggers. It’s basically just a fun question and answer type thing. Cheers man, much appreciated. Now, it’s time to answer his questions.

Liam’s questions and my answers:

  1. If you can remember, what was the first film you ever reviewed?

Ahhh, that may be The Fifth Element or 300. I think those reviews aren’t even on this blog. I wrote them for an earlier incarnation of the blog, years ago. I found it a lot harder to get my thoughts on paper back then. If I read them now, I’d probably think that they are really crappy.

2. What film do you think is really underrated?

I’m probably the only person in the world who likes The Lone Ranger (2013). I think Armie Hammer made a great lead and I especially like the villains in this movie. William Fichtner played a very memorable one. The landscapes and the music by Hans Zimmer is stunning (search for the cue “Ride” on youtube). All in all, the movie derails a bit (literally) in the second half, but overall it is a well-produced, colourful adventure.


3. If blogging ceased to exist, what would you do instead?

Haha, I’ve been blogging for just a year, but I only now realize how big a role it started to play in my experience and appreciation of films and books. I’d have to find a new community to discuss films and books. Or just start bothering my friends and family with it.

4. Favourite movie hero?

I don’t really like heroes all that much, to be honest. They’re boring. I like anti-heroes or reluctant heroes, like most of Bruce Willis’s characters. I like the X-men as a group, because they are all about personal growth and discovering your own potential.

5. Favourite movie villain?

Probably the Joker, the Heath Ledger interpretation. His pure focus on anarchy and chaos makes him impossible to reason with. He’s also a perfect counterpart to Batman, who is about order. And his disregard for any values, really, gives him a complete freedom to be as crazy as he wants to be.

6. If there was a film about your life, which actor/actress would you like to see play you?

I think Joseph Gorden-Levitt would provide the best performance that approaches my character, even though I am not particularly enthusiastic about the actor. Maybe a genetic hybrid between him and Daniel Radcliffe. But I don’t particularly like him either. Maybe it is because they remind me of myself 😛

7. What’s your favourite TV theme song?

Ducktales! Whoo-hoo.

8. What’s the weirdest film you’ve ever seen?

Ahh but you know, weird films is kinda my thing. I’d have to go for The Holy Mountain. Or maybe Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Or Naked Lunch, or Eraserhead, or Swiss Army Man or Being John Malkovich. I love them all!

9. Who is your celebrity crush? (Let’s face it, we all have one)

Hehe. It will have to be Kate Beckinsale. And Jessica Biel in Blade Trinity.

10. Do you think DC will ever make a truly great superhero film?

Maybe, but not with the current people in charge. The main problem is company involvement which leads to shitty editing and storytelling. The material is good enough to make a good film out of. I mean, look at the Nolan batman movies, they were great. All we need is a good director and a production company that gives that director freedom to work on a vision.


11. What is your favourite opening scene in a film?

That’s a hard one! Maybe the montage in The Lion King when Simba is presented to the savannah. Or the drill instructor speech in Full Metal Jacket.

What do you think? Would you agree with me?

I’ll have to postpone the new questions and new nominations for another time.


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4 Responses to The Liebster Award!

  1. vinnieh says:

    I love the opening to Lion King, it is purely breathtaking.

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  2. filmsCine says:

    A genetic hybrid of JGL and Dan Radcliffe – now that’s something I want to see! Great answers 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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