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The Purge. The first three movies (2013-’16).

The Purge (2013) So it all starts with this slasher horror movie. A scientist on the TV says how we are all violent creatures and the Purge is a therapeutic exercise. I immediately started thinking about Roman amphitheatres and shooter … Continue reading

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Alastair Reynolds – Galactic North (2006) Review

8/10 After reading Alastair Reynolds’ Revelation Space series – four fat novels full of far-future coolness and bleakness – you might find yourself wondering: “was, was that the whole story? I mean, well, in Redemption Ark we meet Clavain and … Continue reading

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B. Catling – The Cloven (2018) Review

Also in this series: The Vorrh (2012) The Erstwhile (2017) “If the Tree of Knowledge was not meant for angels, nor for humans, then who was it meant for?” Brian Catling burst onto the scene of fantasy and new weird … Continue reading

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Losing interest in writing movie reviews because of sloppy Hollywood storytelling.

My “book and movies” blog is slowly turning into a “book” blog and I am not happy about it. But I am losing some interest in writing movie reviews. The cause is that with most newly released movies I am … Continue reading

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Terry Pratchett – Monstrous Regiment (2003) Review

Also in this series: The Truth (2000) Thief of Time (2001) The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (2001) Night Watch (2002) The Wee Free Men (2003) Reading the Discworld series in sequence, you might notice Terry Pratchett’s sense of … Continue reading

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Roger Zelazny – Jack of Shadows (1971) Review

Jack of Shadows, perhaps not Zelazny’s best known work, can still be considered one of the essential Zelazny reads. Written in between his Amber novels, Jack of Shadows has the same inventiveness but is a love letter to Jack Vance … Continue reading

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20 Questions Tag

Hello everybody. I’ve been tagged by Embuhlee at Embuhleeliest to participate in the 20 Questions Tag. Thanks Embuhlee! I CAN FEEL THE PEER PRESSURE. How many books is too many books in a series? Having more than 6 books is … Continue reading

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Frank Herbert – Children of Dune (1976) Review

Previous in this series: Dune (1965) Dune Messiah (1969) Dune, the first novel of the series and a glorious achievement on its own, made the transcendence of Paul Atreides seem like a rather straightforward affair. He had the genes, the … Continue reading

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Peter Watts – The Freeze-Frame Revolution (2018) Review

So, the setup. The space ship Eriophora (named after an orb-weaving spider) travels through the galaxy building wormholes to connect solar systems in some sort of galactic highway. This trip takes millions of years. The ship has an AI with … Continue reading

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