Losing interest in writing movie reviews because of sloppy Hollywood storytelling.

My “book and movies” blog is slowly turning into a “book” blog and I am not happy about it.

But I am losing some interest in writing movie reviews. The cause is that with most newly released movies I am watching, I just find myself without an opinion to write down. Mostly this is because I think that for Hollywood, quality storytelling is just so far down the list of priorities.

Do you know that feeling where you are watching a movie and it is a sequel or a prequel or a reboot or a soft reboot or any of these varieties, and it just sucked? And it sucked because the director or the production committee or whoever had the fattest finger in the pie while making this movie just didn’t understand what made the original movie great? And now we have confusing storytelling and a movie coasting on brand recognition in its most superficial forms. Yeah?

Because that is every single movie nowadays.

Consider the following abominations that turned franchises moribund:

Independence Day: Resurgence
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Alien: Covenant
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Just about every DC film
Star Wars The Last Jedi and Solo

If you want surprising and interesting storytelling, don’t go to the theatre. Sure, indie films and arthouse films still have anything like a vision, but sometimes I want good storytelling to go hand in hand with spectacle as only a wealthy studio can provide. The answer nowadays is TV series and books, because mainstream Hollywood has become so far removed from the idea of storytelling that hoping for a story that (a) makes sense and (b) does justice to the film it is rebooting or sequelling is just a lost cause.

But Jeroen, what about the films during the last Oscar season? Weren’t there some jewels in there? Well, yes, maybe this is just the season for crap. I won’t change the title of my blog yet. I’ll take it on feeling and see what happens.

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17 Responses to Losing interest in writing movie reviews because of sloppy Hollywood storytelling.

  1. Bookstooge says:

    Come to the Quality Side!

    That sucks though, when something you’re passionate about really starts to stink. At least you don’t have the word “movie” in your blog address. Unfortunately, I really don’t see this trend changing. I also think it is the death knell of movies. That or the death knell of all reason in the civilized world. If people will willingly subject themselves to trash, pretty soon their minds will accept that as good, sigh.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I empathize. (Incidentally, given the subtitle of the Pirates sequel, there was an unexploited possibility for wordplay in that list.)

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  3. I didn’t intend to make the above remark Anonymous-just a consequence of the twitchy keyboard I’ve had lately.

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  4. Nick Melton says:

    I actually rather liked ALIEN: COVENANT, ridiculously cheesy shower scene aside.

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  5. Alas, I felt differently about Covenant:


    And I must admit that I don’t think arthouse has provided much of a refuge in a long time, either:



    With the CGI barrages and the rest, at least there’s the spectacle, so I definitely get why people keep coming back to that.


  6. graycope14 says:

    I may be on my own here but I really enjoyed ‘Solo’. It was released a month later in Japan so I’d seen all the negative criticism of it. Maybe it was because I went in with low expectations but it felt like a “Star Wars” movie to me; space fantasy, swashbuckling, action-packed and fun. I’ve no desire to re-watch the downright weird ‘Last Jedi’ but I will definitely be watching Solo again when it comes out on dvd.

    I haven’t seen any of the other movies you listed. And great post, by the way!

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    • Thank you! I have to admit that I haven’t seen Solo yet, because after The Last Jedi I just lost all faith in that Disney knows how to handle the Star Wars universe. I will watch it later this year.


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