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Isaac Asimov – I, Robot (1950) Review

8.5/10 Isaac Asimov may not have invented the word ‘robot’ (that honour goes to the Capek brothers) but his book series pushed the robot into our collective consciousness as no other piece of popular entertainment has done. Most notably, I, … Continue reading

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Catching up on movies from 2019 (part 1: 15 movies)

Hey everyone, Because of a burnout I was unable to watch movies for about 1.5 years. For 20 months, more precisely. Now it’s time to catch up! Let’s see what dreck Disney has produced over the months. Gotta watch those … Continue reading

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M. John Harrison – You Should Come With Me Now (2017) Review

Stories of Ghosts This new collection features some two dozen short stories and an equal amount of one-page flash-fiction, which could also be called prose poetry. Many of these appeared on Harrison’s blog over the past decade, but he arranged … Continue reading

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Isaac Asimov – Foundation’s Edge (1982) Review

7.5/10 In the 1940s, Isaac Asimov wrote his famous Foundation trilogy and promptly forgot all about it. In the next few decades while he was writing non-fiction, fans pestered him endlessly to write a sequel, but uncle Isaac never listened. … Continue reading

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