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E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith – The Lensman Series Review

A review of: Galactic Patrol (1950) Grey Lensman (1951) Second Stage Lensmen (1953) (Children of the Lens (1954) I planned to read this one, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I scanned through it) By Klono’s chromium claws!  I have … Continue reading

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Catching up on movies from 2019 (part 2: another 15 movies)

Hey everyone, Because of a burnout I was unable to watch movies for about 1.5 years. For 20 months, more precisely. Now it’s time to catch up! In part 1 I consumed a bit too many superhero movies and my … Continue reading

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Susanna Clarke – Piranesi (2020) Review

9/10 The real life Giovanni Piranesi was an Italian artist from the 18th century, famous especially for his etchings of labyrinthine environments, which he called prisons. Let’s look at some right now. Claustrophobic and beautiful, aren’t they. Piranesi starts with … Continue reading

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John Crowley – Engine Summer (1979) Review

9.5/10 I hardly know how to start with this review. It’s such a complex little novel, like a multifaceted crystal, and when you peer into it and turn it in your fingers, the internal structure only gets harder to make out. … Continue reading

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Steven Brust – The Book of Jhereg (1983-87) Review

The Vlad Taltos series. These books have been hovering in my visor for quite some time, but somehow there was always another book to read first. It doesn’t have the acclaim and name recognition that many other series from the … Continue reading

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I Hope This Helps, by Tommy Siegel (Review)

5/10 Comics and Cures for 21st Century Panic Aaaagh! Social media, climate change, politics, corona. In the 1990s we only had a morning newspaper and the news on tv in the evening. Even that sounds so much simpler, so much … Continue reading

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