Catching up on movies from 2019 (part 2: another 15 movies)

Hey everyone,

Because of a burnout I was unable to watch movies for about 1.5 years. For 20 months, more precisely. Now it’s time to catch up! In part 1 I consumed a bit too many superhero movies and my stomach started to feel bad, so this time I’ll watch some more acclaimed movies.

Link to part 1.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019). Exuberant and perfectly choreographed, the movie left me breathless. A great deal of fun, looks beautiful and the hitman mythology is wonderful. Gave me some Matrix reunion vibes.

Terminator: Dark Fate (2019). Termy got the soft sequelboot, Ghostbusters style. A very tiresome marketing tactic, but the movie was not as bad as I feared it would be and certainly better than Genisys. It’s just a bit boring and the same old story again and again. Why even keep making these movies? Why am I even watching this?

Honeyland (2019). Very impressive. A deeply emotionally affecting documentary about an ageing bee-keeper in North Macedonia. A very simple, small-scale story of greed, poverty and the loss of traditional wisdom. How can a simple story of the land be so profound? Because we have become disconnected from the world. Heartbreaking towards the end. Shot over 3 years and the cinematography is stunning. 

Toy Story 4 (2019). It is time for Pixar to start reinventing itself. It all starts to look the same to me. The existential struggle of being a toy has now been deconstructed to its smallest atoms. Let’s move on.

Marriage Story (2019). A masterpiece. What’s the truth of a relationship after it gets mangled through the legal system? Phenomenal acting by Johansson and Driver. What the characters say about each other and the problems that lead to their divorce, all these things add up to a whole that feels complete and real. Very raw and powerful.

Weathering With You (2019). Japanese anime. Beautifully animated, but the story is a bit too long, a bit unclear and unfocused. The director’s characters all look the same and have a tendency to screech, but that’s due to cultural differences I’m not used to.

Parasite (2019). What a great, great film. Avoid all spoilers. I liked the characters very much and the settings are amazing. A handful of genres influence this film, weaving in and out of the story and you never know which direction it will take. It’s full of metaphors if you feel interested in exploring that side of it, but it’s very enjoyable just to watch it for its compelling scenes.

Dumbo (2019). Looks like a film from the 1990s, you know, the kind in which Danny DeVito pulls weird faces. Except, it has this sickly 2010s post-production glow over it. The child actors were boring and the film didn’t engage me.

Klaus (2019). Took me a bit to really get into it, but this turned into a really cool and original santa origin story. It had some artificial liar-revealed tension, which is really basic for an animated film, but ultimately this was great and heartwarming. 

Knives Out (2019). Like a real classic literary whodunnit. A wonderful film, full of tension and humor all the way through. A rich cast of characters, great location, cool twists, just all around quality filmmaking.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019). Like Mark Kermode said: it’s wet transformers. Nuff said.

The Gentlemen (2019). Great fun, left me giddy. I’m guessing that Guy Ritchie did Aladdin (2019) to get money for making a real movie – this one. In the spirit of Snatch and Ritchie’s best since Snatch too. Standout performances by Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell.

Zombieland Double Tap (2019). Has the kind of story that’s whipped together over a lunch break, but the film is entertaining enough.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019). A movie full of highly depressing scenes, but the internal order of events in this series is so confusing to me that I don’t know if any of it is significant. It’s not all bad but doesn’t add anything new to the franchise.

1917 (2019). What an enormous film. I’m staring, mouth open, to the screen after it flew by. Absolutely stunning cinematography and it gripped me from the first minutes. Some of the best shots of the year are here. It’s so full of suspense. 

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15 Responses to Catching up on movies from 2019 (part 2: another 15 movies)

  1. Andreas says:

    I‘ve watched 1917 a couple of months ago and share your awe.

    Was it a lack of concentration symptom from the burnout that you didn’t watch? Or low impulse/tiredness? I‘m coming back from a heavy burnout myself.

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    • I watched 1917 only 2 hours ago and I’ll be watching reviews for the rest of the evening, hehe.

      Yeah I didn’t watch because of a lack of concentration. I wanted to watch movies but I couldn’t. I also had a fear for overloading myself that I had to struggle against to get my concentration back. I’m still struggling with low concentration or brain fog, but at least it’s good enough now to read books and watch movies.

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      • Andreas says:

        Sounds good – depression takes a year to get over, even with medicaments. My symptoms weren’t so much concentration problems but sleeplessness, lack of impulse and the likes.
        Reading and blogging helped a lot.

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        • I hope you’re on the way out. I’m almost 2 years since the moment of collapse and it will take at least another half a year more for me to recover. I’ve been very motivated to recover throughout those entire 2 years, but it just wasn’t possible. Reading and blogging helps me to build up my endurance (and to keep me entertained and fascinated of course).

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          • Andreas says:

            I‘m on a very good way. I‘ve been in a specialized hospital for two months, got cognitive behavioral therapy, medication is good, and return to the job will be in stages over the next two months. What a great social system!

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  2. Bookstooge says:

    I keep thinking about trying Dark Phoenix, just to give the X franchise another chance. But everything I hear about it is lacklustre at best. Nobody I’ve seen has loved it…

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    • I wouldn’t bother if I were you. It is basically a second try at making X-Men: The Last Stand from 2006. But the franchise is played out. I don’t think they will continue with this particular cast of actors. It’s better to wait for a complete reboot – probably at the hands of Marvel studios.

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      • Bookstooge says:

        Thanks. I liked the original X trilogy (even though many others didn’t seem to) and was NOT a fan of the later movies.

        Considering how superhero movies have stalled, like almost any other blockbuster, I don’t see them starting up for quite some time. I’m ok with that though. I’ve had enough for a while myself….

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        • Actually, last summer another movie in the franchise was released: The New Mutants. it was met with universal dislike. It was shot like two years ago and then completely cut up in post-production. I think that was the final death rattle of the X-Men franchise.

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  3. bormgans says:

    Thanks for this. Have only seen 2. I guess I’ll see a fair bit of the ones you write positively when they hit hit. Especially Knives Out and Parasite weren’t on my radar.

    Btw, the new Pixar, Soul, is a return to form I’ve read yesterday.

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