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Review: Martha Wells – Artificial Condition (2018)

8/10 The Murderbot Diaries #2 I liked this one more than the first novella, All Systems Red (although both novellas are quite strong). It is funnier and more interesting, adding some meat to the bones of the first novella. Murderbot … Continue reading

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Mini-Reviews of recent films from 2021, and some from 2020 and 2019

The White Tiger (2021). Engrossing film about an Indian man trying to escape poverty, based on an equally engrossing novel. A painful look at class differences and inequality. Begins to sag a bit towards the end, but overall great cinematography … Continue reading

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Review: Joe Abercrombie – A Little Hatred (2019)

8,5/10 A start of a new series! Exciting! But not totally new. Set in the First Law world, A Little Hatred takes us a few decades into the future, to a world of late Middle Ages and the rising chimneys … Continue reading

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Review: Martha Wells – All Systems Red (2017)

8/10 The Murderbot Diaries #1 The story of murderbot is the story of alienation. Alienation in the sense of an emotional disconnect that many people feel from the rest of society, often starting in early adulthood, causing some to lose … Continue reading

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Review: Terry Pratchett – Going Postal (2004)

7.5/10 I have to admire Pratchett for his continuous innovation in the Discworld series. After more than 30 books and two decades of writing, he still had the imagination to construct new novel sequences with new groups of characters. I … Continue reading

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Review: The Incal by Jodorowsky & Moebius

9/10 The Incal is a graphic novel that you can find on many top lists of greatest graphic novels ever written, and not rarely occupying a top spot. It is not well known in the US, but a work of … Continue reading

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