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Review: Sphere (1987) by Michael Crichton

6/10 Michael Crichton. Never fully adopted into the science-fiction family, yet immensely popular whist straddling the two worlds of sci-fi and the mainstream thriller. He’s basically the father of the techno-thriller (which is SF that involves the President). Producing a … Continue reading

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Review: The Trouble With Peace (2020) by Joe Abercrombie

9/10 Look, there are some things that I could repeat for every Abercrombie book: one, he is a master of character. His characters are wholly original, come to life completely and have their own distinct voices, and two, his writing … Continue reading

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Review: The Man in the High Castle (1962) by Philip K. Dick

7/10 If you are doubting whether to read this novel, then you’ve probably already come across multiple descriptions of its premise. It usually goes like this: “In this alternate history book, the Allies have lost the war. America is divided … Continue reading

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Review: Hollow (2021) by B. Catling. Bruegel-Inspired Fantasy

8.5/10 Brian Catling burst onto the fantasy stage with a somersault and a reeking cyclops suit. He gave us the Vorrh trilogy (which I personally rate very highly): a gross, creepy, unnerving spectacle of a series, and Catling’s writing was … Continue reading

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Trillion Year Spree: The History of Science Fiction (1986), by Brian W. Aldiss and David Wingrove

Brian Aldiss’ Trillion Year Spree is a mammoth narrative history of the genre of science fiction, written together with author David Wingrove. It is in fact an updated version of Billion Year Spree, by Aldiss alone. Aldiss is, of course, … Continue reading

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Review: The Man Who Fell to Earth (1963) by Walter Tevis

8.5/10 Thomas Jerome Newton is an alien. He just arrived on Earth, all alone, on a desperate mission to save the last of his dying people. For that, he needs to amass a fortune on Earth to build a spaceship … Continue reading

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