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Neal Stephenson – Termination Shock (2021) review

8.5/10 A couple of decades into the future, weather events have become even more crazy and heatwaves affect everybody’s lives on a daily basis. Especially in the southern US, where we find ourselves. The Queen of the Netherlands is keeping … Continue reading

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Review: Bone, by Jeff Smith

The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume Guys, I don’t know much about comics and graphic novels. But I bought this Complete Edition on a whim, good value for money, and it is a 1300+ page brick of a book … Continue reading

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Alastair Reynolds – Inhibitor Phase (2021) review

8/10 The Revelation Space series is becoming quite the expansive future history of humanity. The last books Reynolds wrote that were set in this universe – the Prefect Dreyfus novels – were set somewhere in the glorious heyday before one … Continue reading

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No Time To Die (2021) and mini-reviews of 7 other recent films

No Time To Die (2021). Bond, James Bond. It’s full of amazing scenery, well-choreographed action scenes, great special effects, and James Bond does a lot of James Bondey things like racing in cars, making love to women, sailing boats, shooting … Continue reading

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Review: Frankenstein (1818) by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, is the full title.  So much has been written about this novel over the years; so much has been analysed about Mary Shelley’s personal life and social circle she moved in and the psychological undercurrents … Continue reading

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Review: The Wisdom of Crowds (2021) by Joe Abercrombie

6/10 I have loved most of Abercrombie’s books, but this was a disappointment for me. I found it difficult to get through and it made me ambivalent about the whole series. A Great Change, indeed. Throughout the Age of Madness … Continue reading

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