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Review: The Best of Greg Egan (2019)

8.5/10 Since the beginning of the 1990s, Greg Egan has been quietly producing the most mind-blowing science fiction you could imagine. Not being the kind of guy who puts himself in the spotlight (he’s known for keeping himself away), and … Continue reading

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Philip K. Dick – Our Friends from Frolix 8 (1970) review

7/10 The 22nd century, in this short and strange novel, is a bit of a dystopian place. The government and all scientific advancement is in the hands of mutants with superior mental powers. So-called New Men and Unusuals, with big, … Continue reading

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Robert Jordan – The Eye of the World (1990) Review

6/10 With the TV show coming out, I finally, after 20 years of reading, buckled under the pressure and picked up The Eye of the World (1990). I knew a bit of what I could expect, notably the similarities between … Continue reading

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The Matrix Resurrections (2021) and 11 Other Mini-Reviews of Recent Films and TV Shows

The Matrix: Resurrections (2021). This film is so “meta”, that the writers took their own brainstorm meetings at Warner Bros and said: “you know what, let’s just make a film about these meetings. Let’s make a film about people trying … Continue reading

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Adrian Tchaikovsky – Shards of Earth (2021) Review

8/10 Tchaikovsky goes in big in his prologue as he talks about a moon-sized eldritch space horror, an Architect, emerging from unspace, and giant fleets in which more than one alien race is present, and a main character named Solace, … Continue reading

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