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C.L. Moore – Jirel of Joiry (1969) Review

8/10 Robert E. Howard made such a splash with his sword-and-sorcery writing. As his Conan stories began to appear in the Weird Tales pulp magazine, so many writers felt compelled to either write homages to the stories or write something … Continue reading

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Monday Starts on Saturday (1964), by Arkady & Boris Strugatsky

8/10 Translation by Andrew Bromfield in 2002. Sometimes published as “Monday Begins on Saturday”. In this supremely odd novel that is set in the 1960s in Soviet Russia, magic is real, and we have a Soviet science institute trying to … Continue reading

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Review: Paper Girls (2015-’19) by Brian K. Vaughan

7/10 1988. Halloween. Four newspaper delivery girls are quite annoyed with all those stupid jerks from school with their stupid halloween masks. They team up to stay safe, and they have a job to do: delivering their newspapers around the … Continue reading

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Blake Crouch – Recursion (2019) Review

7/10 After the highly successful Dark Matter (2016) which would become Crouch’s best-selling novel, he delivered another sci-fi thriller very similar in tone and subject matter: Recursion (2019). Like Dark Matter, Recursion reads very much as if it is a … Continue reading

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Josiah Bancroft – The Fall of Babel (2021) Review

5.5/10 After the excellent and emotionally gripping third book, The Hod King (2019), Josiah Bancroft is now ready to present his conclusion to the entire Books of Babel series. The Hod King felt like a middle book done right, with … Continue reading

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11 Mini-Reviews of Films and TV shows From 2022

Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022). It is pretty amazing how much emotion this film could wring out of me while also being a crazy crazy rollercoaster of sci-fi craziness. This film engages in a pretty abstract sci-fi concept about … Continue reading

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Copenhagen Trip Report

Getting to Copenhagen wasn’t easy. First, of all things, I needed to recover from my burnout. Travel is exhausting, and you need a minimum level of confidence and physical and mental resilience to embark on a trip. I worked towards … Continue reading

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Review: Armies (1977-’88) by Jean-Claude Gal & Jean-Pierre Dionnet

This is a highly regarded series of comics that was once published in the French Métal hurlant (Heavy Metal in US) magazine. The writer Jean-Pierre Dionnet was one of the founders of that anthology magazine and he “discovered” the artist … Continue reading

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Alastair Reynolds – Eversion (2022) Review

8.5/10 Eversion is a fascinating science fiction novel with a narrative that has a lot of peculiarities – it’s doing a whole lot simultaneously – and is therefore not easy to explain. And indeed, the back blurb reads as if … Continue reading

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Review: The Celestial Bibendum (2012) by Nicolas de Crécy

A big fat 9/10 I loved everything about this. Nicolas de Crecy’s The Celestial Bibendum is one of those works of art that is absolutely bonkers, but is presented with so much artistry and imagination that is becomes something very … Continue reading

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