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My Blog in 2022 – Stats and everything

Inspired by the recent post by Ola and Piotrek, here are my stats for the year and a list of the most popular blog posts of the year. There are some surprises in there and some I can explain and … Continue reading

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Kingdom Come (1996) by Mark Waid & Alex Ross

This is my very first American superhero comic. An odd choice? I have no idea. But I know the names of most of these characters through cultural osmosis, so let’s give it a go. Man, Alex Ross can paint. If … Continue reading

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Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol (1843) Review

Look, if you put a character named Tiny Tim in your novella, and he’s a sickly child, wheezing and crippled, and his signature line is “God bless us, every one!”, then you’re laying it on thick. You’re being mean. You … Continue reading

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To Be Read in 2023. It’s TBR time.

It has been a year since WordPress enfant terrible Bookstooge said that I might not like epic fantasy all that much. A scandalous, shocking and accurate accusation. And to prove him wrong, I will start the year with what I’ve … Continue reading

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Shaun Tan – The Arrival (2006) Review

10/10 It has been little over a year since I have seriously started reading comics and graphic novels. In that time I have read some that are considered classics, the best the medium has to offer – Maus, The Incal, … Continue reading

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David Brin – Startide Rising (1983) Review

7.5/10 Dolphins. In spaaaaace. This novel is like a space opera theme park. David Brin just squeezed in every idea that he thought was cool until the novel was ready to burst. It’s a space opera candy store. I’ll have … Continue reading

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13 Mini-Reviews of Movies and TV Series from 2022

— Movies — Bullet Train (2022). Is a fantastic funny action comedy, of the type that has assassins galore, witty dialogue, flashy action scenes and weird twists of fate. A whole bunch of assassins find themselves on a Japanese bullet … Continue reading

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The Sandman, Vol. 9 & 10 (“The Kindly Ones” & “The Wake”) by Neil Gaiman

The Kindly Ones (1993) The longest Sandman volume and an important one, where all the various plot-threads, side-tracks and set-ups of the previous 8 volumes merge towards a conclusion. Well, most, in any case. Characters from earlier stories show up … Continue reading

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K.J. Parker – Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City (2019) Review

9/10 Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City is a comedic and exciting fantasy story set in an alternate version of the Byzantine Empire, and the alternate Ottomans are at the gate, ready to lay siege. In the midst of … Continue reading

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