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I call this one ‘Troll bridge’


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Brian Aldiss – Hothouse (1961) Review

The novel that couldn’t stop embarrassing itself. A billion years in the future, the Earth and Moon have stopped rotating. The dayside of the planet is covered by thick jungle. Mile-long spiders move along webs between Earth and the Moon. … Continue reading

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Not so sure about these two drawings. I was in a strange mood.

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Patricia A. McKillip – Ombria in Shadow (2002) Review

“In that house who could assume that even fire and water would not conspire?” The main character of this novel is the shadowy city Ombria itself, and the Byzantine dealings of its royal house. But first there is Lydea, mistress … Continue reading

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A fantasy drawing

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Theodore Sturgeon – More Than Human (1953) Review

9/10 Starting More Than Human is like a weight settling on you. Both for the flowing, dense, poetic writing that settles on you like a blanket, and for the grisly subject material that leaves a pit in your stomach. Cursed … Continue reading

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Announcement: movie reviews will return.

But not yet. Not yet. For the moment I am struggling with a burnout and that affects my concentration so much that watching movies or even series is a bit too much for me right now. I have made a … Continue reading

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