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Robert Sheckley – Citizen in Space (1955) Review

8/10 Citizen in Space is Robert Sheckley’s second short story collection, published a year after the first, Untouched by Human Hands (1954). And, like its predecessor, it is a very neat collection of pleasant, comedic science fiction stories, written in … Continue reading

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Olaf Stapledon – Odd John (1935) Review

8.5/10 This novel is only 200 pages of rather dry prose, but I wrote a whole essay about it. I found it thoroughly fascinating. This novel has the illustrious honour to be called the first Superman story. A bit strange, … Continue reading

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The Sandman, Vol. 5 & 6 (“A Game of You” & “Fables & Reflections”) by Neil Gaiman

A Game of You (1993) This one is an excellent example of Gaiman taking some side characters and some earlier introduced throwaway concepts and expanding that all into a new story-arc. A Game of You has a lot in common … Continue reading

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R.A. Lafferty – Past Master (1968) Review

8/10 The planet Astrobe, about five hundred years in the future. It is mankind’s last chance to make something for itself. The Old World failed, then we got the New World, America, which also failed, and now Astrobe is our … Continue reading

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12 Mini-Review of Films and Series from 2022

Lightyear (2022). Buzz Lightyear’s excellent adventure is unfortunately not all that inspiring. The film makes use of numerous tropes that are endlessly reused in these animated SF films. Much of it is aping Star Wars. Every action part and every … Continue reading

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Ursula K. Le Guin – Worlds of Exile and Illusion (1966-67) Review

Comprising: The three short novels contained within this collection are Le Guin’s first three published novels. Her brief warmup, you could say, before she really won fame with novels such as A Wizard of Earthsea (1968) and The Left Hand … Continue reading

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The Sandman, Vol. 3 & 4 (“Dream Country” & “Season of Mists”) by Neil Gaiman

Dream Country (1991) In this volume, which is pretty short and only holds four short stories, Gaiman further embeds his Sandman character into classical and mythological literature. The first story brings in one of the muses from old Greek mythology, … Continue reading

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Adrian Tchaikovsky – Eyes of the Void (2022) Review

7.5/10 The author went to his basement, sweat a lot, and oozed out another novel! And it’s a doozy this time, marketing says. None of that milquetoast science fiction for tiny babies and mooncalfs! This is the real McCoy so … Continue reading

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The Sandman, Vol. 1 & 2 (“Preludes and Nocturnes” & “The Doll’s House”) by Neil Gaiman

First off, if you’re new to this world of comics, which I am, what an absolute nightmare it is to navigate the world of issues, volumes, books and all the various editions, omnibuses, deluxe editions and absolute editions and figure … Continue reading

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Dan Simmons – Song of Kali (1985) Review

8/10 Set in the Indian city Kolkata, which used to be named Calcutta but the book was written before the name change in 2001 so the name Calcutta is used throughout, and anyway the Kolkata of this book isn’t really … Continue reading

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