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Mini-Reviews of recent Films, Documentaries and TV Shows

—— Movies —— Nomadland (2020). It has the feel almost of a documentary. Shot with a lot of real people (but some of them are actors). Basically it is about people, good people, trying to make the best of a … Continue reading

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Firefly (2002-2003) TV series & Serenity (2005) review

Well, one thing’s for sure. There won’t be a season 2 review. Firefly really is a western in space, complete with all the typical characters that you would usually see in a western. The gunslinger, the priest, the doctor, the … Continue reading

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Which old SF TV show shall I watch? Babylon 5? Firefly? Farscape?

I’m watching the Expanse and greatly enjoying it. It’s probably the best SF show produced right now and one of the best – if not the best – SF show of all time.  Inspired by a YouTube video about top … Continue reading

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The Mandalorian vs Star Trek Discovery

If you have seen Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker, you might started to ask some questions at the end, such as: why is there an ancient knife that has the same shape as the recently crashed remnants of … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Discovery & The Orville?

So, in September there is a new Sci Fi show coming out named The Orville, and it provides us with an intriguing look into what is going on with the legacy of Star Trek. Successful and/or notorious producer Seth MacFarlane … Continue reading

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Time for a random Star Trek episode.

This is not going to be a recurring category, I think, unless you guys and girls want me to write more of these. For reasons that now seem opaque to me, I found myself watching a random Star Trek episode … Continue reading

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