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Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Spoiler Review

My overall impression was that this was an OK film, but there was far too much repetition of the old trilogy. I got a heavy Hobbit vibe from this trilogy. Peter Jackson wanted to repeat the success of the Lord … Continue reading

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20 favorite books I read this year.

2017 was all in all a great year for my fantasy and science fiction reading. I started a couple of famous series for the first time and I read many authors for the first time. The straight-up best series of … Continue reading

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The Girl With All the Gifts (2016) Review

I have to whisper to you a secret. I am totally done with zombies and dystopian futures. Besides superheroes, this decade has been the decade of zombie outbreaks and YA dystopias in which adults are meanyheads to teenagers. Now, when … Continue reading

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Alastair Reynolds – The Prefect / Aurora Rising (2007) Review

Series: Revelation Space / Dreyfus emergencies I hate it when people rename books. Alastair Reynolds’ novel has been known as The Prefect for a decade now, but will be renamed to Aurora Rising in 2018, when a sequel comes out. … Continue reading

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Tulip Fever (2017) Review

I was actually looking forward to seeing this movie, because I am excited to see some Dutch history on the big screen. The tulip fever period was a crazy moment in the Dutch golden age and very interesting to read … Continue reading

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Charles Foster – Being a Beast (2016) Review

It must be great having Charles Foster as a guest lecturer at University. He’ll surely be full of witty remarks and fascinating stories, of the kind that make you wonder whether he is serious or pulling your leg. His book, … Continue reading

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Score: A Film Music Documentary (2017) Review

9/10 I’ve been a great fan of film music ever since I was a teenager, and there was a magical period in high school in which a couple of friends and I exchanged all the film music that we could … Continue reading

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