Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)

mission impossible


The Mission Impossible team gets disbanded after the events of film 4. Ethan Hunt continues his hunt for an elusive organization named the Syndicate and in the process everyone gets pulled into the action again.

I am disappointed. It was a standard action film and most of it didn’t make a lot of sense and sacrificed logic for action.

At one point in the movie, Ethan Hunt explains a dramatic solution and he looks at the camera and says: “It’s the only way! Can’t you see it? It’s the only way!”. He speaks to his team members but I feel like he is addressing the audience, trying to convince me that what is going to happen in the movie is really necessary. But I am sorry, Ethan. I can’t see it. Jeremy Renner also looks confused, but no further explanation is forthcoming. The movie just barges on because there are scenes that it wants to show, whether we accept them or not.

This is just an example of how Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation feels tired and mechanic in its writing and not really accommodating to its audience. It isn’t the only example of the film trying to convince the audience in an obvious way that epic stuff is happening.

Earlier in the movie there is an action scene in an opera house, and before the movie enters it, Ethan tells Dunn “If you want drama, go to an opera.” The film then proceeds to work through an action scene while an opera is underway, with of course the climax of the action coinciding with the climax of the opera song. This wasn’t even left for the audience to discover but was already hinted at during the scene, just so that we all know that we are on the same level with the film. The opera music is also supposed to make the action look more epic or something, but it just doesn’t really work. It seems too preconceived and formulaic.

mission impossible2

The action setups are also rather uninspiring. The Mission Impossible films are famous for their heists in which the team has to go to extraordinary measures to break into somewhere and steal something. This time, once again they are after digital information but they break into some kind of industrial building and it is never really clear what the purpose of the building was. Was it just built to protect some digital data? I dunno, lots of people were working in it. Were they making materials or something? Anyway there is no explanation, the film moves on. The heist is over before you know it. They have done this way better.

It’s the same with the climatic action scenes. They don’t make enough sense. Too many events are explained away as “we knew this was coming from the start” while a thousand coincidences could have disrupted your plans. The film tries to be clever in its plot but instead it is half-baked, and it tries to be extreme in the action without properly explaining why things are necessary. This is a symptom of wanting to put in action without thinking the plot through.

Basically, for the movie there was a string of setups that the script tried to tie together. But what was missing in between were good dialogue, good characters and good plotting. The characters were all so flat and the dialogue was so… serviceable. The villain too seemed to be cooked up by the scriptwriters during a small coffeebreak by going over all the cliches. It is this creepy guy with a soft rasping voice and is unpredictable in his actions. Really, it is only a notch above the ridiculous villain from Jupiter Ascending, but it is still the same basic idea.

Now, the film isn’t all bad. Some of the action is quite good, such as the highway chase. Tom Cruise is good at action. But overall, I just expected something more original.

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3 Responses to Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)

  1. ressivocmer says:

    It is sad that this movie tries to be loud and flashy, while what made the first Mission Impossible so great is that is was quiet and thrilling.

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    • Yeah, maybe, but wasn’t Ghost Protocol also loud and flashy? In my memory that movie was quite ok. What saddens me is that the distinction between Mission Impossible, James Bond and Jason Bourne starts to blur more and more.


      • ressivocmer says:

        Every M:I film became louder and flashier. And Ghost Protocol was different in the sense that they added a lot of humor by adding Simon Pegg. It sort of became your everyday action movie. I think a lot of people were forgiving about this because 3 and 4 are actually pretty decent movies.


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